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A newsletter focused on understanding technology and what it means for our lives.

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Apple’s newest iPads are so good, but so confusing.

Last year, Apple updated the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro lineup with the M1. At the time, I wrote that it was so good that it was just showing off. As tablets go, it was so far beyond the competition that it was hard to compare it to anything except a Mac.…


The Apple Watch Ultra's best feature is for everyone

After testing it out, what's even more clear to me is that I’m very much not a part of that audience. I’m a professional writer. The most adventuresome thing I do is time my daughter’s cross country meets and keep track of how much time is left in our kids’ s…


The iPhone 14's Secret

Except, it turns out, the iPhone 14 has a secret new design feature. According to iFixit, the iPhone 14 is the most repairable iPhone in a long time. Removing the display or glass back requires only removing two screws, something that previously required a co…


[Bonus Edition] What to do after you install iOS 16 on your iPhone

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out all of the things that have changed, so I've tried to highlight a few features that can make the biggest difference in how you use your iPhone. If you want a deep dive, I highly recommend the comprehensive iOS 16 re…


Are the new iPhones worth the upgrade? (Apple Event Recap Edition)

The question for a lot of people is whether all the fun stuff Apple announced is worth upgrading from whatever they already have. The answer, of course, is complicated, and it depends on a lot of factors. In this edition of the newsletter, I'm going to try to…


Facebook is testing another bad idea.

Back in 2020, Facebook -- which has since changed its name to Meta -- recognized that one way to increase engagement is to emphasize content shared within the Groups that users join. It also increased its recommendations to try and get more people connected t…


The Glaring Problem with Tech YouTube Reviews

The M2 MacBook Air has become far more controversial than you would expect from an entry-level Apple laptop. Part of that is because it's more pricy than the device it replaces (which isn't even being replaced, you can still buy the M1 version). I wrote in my…


The M2 MacBook Air has a big problem

Basically, it's fast, lightweight, and more than capable of handling anything you need it to do--all while getting all-day battery life. It's probably the best overall combination of performance and efficiency you can get in a laptop. The thought I keep havin…


The Controversy Around Apple's Coolest New iPadOS Feature

Some people even thought Apple might be getting ready to let the iPad Pro run macOS. Then, Apple put the M1 in the 2022 iPad Air, which is kind of wild when you consider the iPad Air is the middle-of-the-line iPad, and it's sporting the same internals as the …


The 5 Most Important Things Apple Just Announced at WWDC

With that in mind, here are the five things Apple announced that I thnk are going to make the biggest difference to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users:


Apple's New Privacy Ad Isn't Just Selling iPhones

Since no one takes their privacy all that seriously, Apple is taking a different approach --humor. Today, the company released another privacy-focused ad, and, like its predecessor, it's a humorous look at a relatively serious subject.


An Interview with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky

Airbnb is in an interesting position since not only is the company putting in place a policy that allows its team to be fully remote, but it has also seen the way people are using its product to do just that. Every company is trying to figure this out, and a …


The iPhone Isn't Apple's Most Exciting Product Anymore

The reason isn't complicated--the new Macs with Apple Silicon are amazing. They're better than really anything else you could spend that much money on. Even the entry-level MacBook Air is probably the best laptop most people should consider buying. It's defin…


Apple Really Doesn't Want You to Install Facebook

Interestingly, there are three apps missing from the list: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. That's a pretty big omission considering each of those apps has more than a billion users, and is arguably the most popular app in their respective categories. Of co…


Mr. Cook Goes to Washington

This speech was different, however. If you listened to Cook's speech, however, it was clear there's another point the high-profile CEO of the world's most valuable, and arguably most powerful company feels just as strongly about.I think it's worth unpacking b…


Apple Beats Netflix to the Oscar

It's not that Netflix hasn't tried. It's even come close, with a handful of nominations over the past few years. It even entered this year's awards ceremony, which was broadcast last night, with 27 nominations, the most of any studio.In the end, however, it w…


Apple Put Its Customers On Notice

The problem is that, simply put, AirTags work too well. Everything about them is perfect for something you want to track. They're small, they're very accurate, and they exist in an ecosystem of a billion iPhones capable of transmitting their location back to …


Apple's Not-So-Secret VR Product

Exactly what Apple will introduce is hard to say at this point. Some analysts point to a VR headset similar to the Oculus Quest, which is made by Facebook, now known as Meta.The Quest is by far the most popular VR device you can buy, but it's still a relative…


Microsoft's $70 Billion Acquisition of Activision Blizzard

If there was any question of how important, Microsoft also promoted the head of its Xbox division, Phil Spencer, to a new role: CEO of Microsoft Gaming. That's not just a change in title. Microsoft has been on a bit of a buying spree when it comes to gaming c…


The $3 Trillion Apple

You might remember the famous keynote in 2007 when Steve Jobs stood on a stage and introduced the original iPhone. At the time, Jobs called the iPhone a "breakthrough internet communications device." It was actually funny at the time. Jobs had told the audien…