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A newsletter focused on understanding the most important stories in the tech industry, and why they matter to your life.

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Apple Says Sideloading Will Destroy the iPhone. Then, Why Hasn't It Destroyed Android?

Craig Federighi, Apple's SVP of software engineering--and probably its most recognizable spokesperson after Tim Cook--delivered a keynote at WebSummit last night. Federighi's message was clear: Don't force us to add sideloading to the iPhone.That message came…


The Brilliant Reason Apple Added a Notch to the MacBook Pro

The thing is, I've been using the latest MacBook Pro for over a week, and unless I intentionally look at the notch, I don't see it at all. It's like it's not there--or, more specifically--it's like it belongs there. Really, I think the notch is genius for two…


The MacBook Finally Turns Pro

Previously, we've seen a new MacBook Air, a Mac mini, and a 13-inch MacBook Pro--all with the M1 processor--but those devices were basically Apple Silicon retrofits. That's not to say they aren't great devices. The M1 MacBook Air might be the best overall lap…


A Few Weeks with iOS 15

Now that iOS 15 is here, the question for many iPhone users is whether to upgrade now or wait a few months. It's a fair question. First, Apple is taking a more passive approach than it has in the past, when it would essentially force new OS updates on users. …


The iPhone 13 Upgrade Edition

If your device is older (say an iPhone 7 or 8), you'll probably see enough of an improvement across the board to make it worth the upgrade. That's especially true this year when both Apple and carriers have a number of promotions that can get you a nice disco…


What Changes After Epic vs Apple

That injunction is probably the most meaningful piece of the overall outcome. In it, Judge Gonzales Rodgers simply drew a line through the final sentence in Apple's App Store Review Guideline, 3.1.1, which deals with in-app payments (IAP). More specifically, …


Samsung's Foldable Phones Are... Good

I'm going to be honest, almost no one needs a folding device. In fact, in my Inc.com column, I explained that the main question around foldable phones is "why do they exist?" I think it's a fair question, and if you're wondering why they exist, Samsung wants …


Apple's Real App Store Change

The change comes after Apple previously announced that it had agreed to a settlement with developers in a class-action lawsuit. In reality, that settlement did little other than provide $100 million to a fund that is supposed to go to developers. In reality, …


Undigital.tech Newsletter: Apple Isn't Fooling Anyone

First, Apple has been fighting this lawsuit, known as Cameron versus Apple, Inc., since 2019. The developers--David Cameron and Pure Sweat Basketball--alleged that Apple violated antitrust law because of its monopoly control over the iOS app market. As a resu…


The M1X MacBook Pro Could Be Apple's Most Important Product

Listen, I know there are Mac aficionados who will argue that there are far more important Macs. Podcaster Jason Snell even devoted an entire 20-episode podcast to the most notable Macs. You can make a case for any number of the computers Apple has launched si…


Elon Musk Gets Candid About Self-Driving

That's mostly fine. It certainly works well for Musk, who has become one of the richest men on the planet as shares of Tesla have soared over the past two years. It's gotten him in trouble a few times, like when he tweeted that he had the funding in place to …

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T-Mobile & Facebook Had a Bad Week

Facebook's Hidden Transparency ReportFacebook wants you to know that it's the most transparent social media network. The way that you know that is that Facebook says so. "Transparency is an important part of everything we do at Facebook," the company says on …


Tech Company Solutions No One Is Asking For

Facebook's Vision of the Metaverse Is a Conference Room?


Amazon's Fake Review Problem And Its Customers

It's also where millions of small businesses go to sell their products online. That is certainly a good thing--lots of people have lots of options of what to buy, many of them from small businesses. It seems like a win-win, and for Amazon, it's been very good…


Apple's Broken Promise

At the same time, the changes represent the most significant shift in the promise Apple makes it users about how it treats their data. The biggest change is that when you upload images to iCloud Photos, Apple will now analyze images to determine if they match…


Amazon's Sidewalk Network Is Turned On by Default. Here's How to Turn It Off

I suspect most of those people would be even more surprised to know that it's turned on by default on every one of their devices. I'll get to that part in just a minute.First, let's talk about Sidewalk. Sidewalk uses Bluetooth and low-bandwidth radio signals …

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Apple's Privacy Ad Is Absurd

Apple's most recent ad portrays the amount of tracking that happens within apps and on the sites you visit every day. It does it by following a man throughout the day, highlighting all the ways the different apps he uses are gathering and sharing data about i…


The 2021 M1 iPad Pro Review

When Apple introduced the 2018 iPad Pro, there was no question it was something completely different and completely new. It wasn't the first product with that name, and it was technically still an iPad, but the A12 Bionic processor inside made it more powerfu…

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WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy Is Finally Here. What It Means for Your Data

Saturday was the day that WhatsApp users had to accept the company's controversial new privacy policy, or risk losing the ability to use the app over the next few weeks.If you don't accept the policy when you see the prompt, eventually it will become persiste…

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Signal, Facebook, and Credibility

Here's what it said: "We created a multi-variant targeted ad designed to show you the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to. The ad would simply display some of the information collected about the viewer which the advertising plat…